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Electronic Device Program

Electronic Device Program at Bethel Park

Bethel Park School District continues to prepare its students with 21st-century trends in education with a 1:1 technology integration program. This program helps to provide our students with the skills to work digitally, collaborate meaningfully, and communicate in connected, real-world ways.

Electronic Device Program Handbook

The Electronic Device Program Handbook for students in Grades K-12 outlines the District’s expectations of proper handling of Chromebooks and other electronic devices. It describes students’ responsibilities and ways they can best take care of the devices. It also includes an acceptable use agreement between the school district, its students, and their families, including an option for a Technology Protection Plan. Understanding and abiding by this agreement is necessary in order to provide the best possible user experience for our students. Its regulations, along with the District's policy on Internet Acceptable Use and Student Handbooks, provide precautions to ensure students have a positive, safe experience with our electronic devices.

Helpful Resources

Chromebook Program: Student Training Video


Chromebook Program: Parent Training Video


Chromebook Program Forms

Students and their families are required to complete the forms below to receive their Chromebooks, which are distributed in August.

GoGuardian Software Protection

Bethel Park School District uses GoGuardian software to help protect students when they use their Chromebooks. GoGuardian is a software designed specifically to help educators ensure students' safety when using their Chromebooks, including helping school districts to comply with U.S. federal laws such as the Children's Internet Protection Act, by providing comprehensive filtering and analytics of student Chromebook usage.

Click here to learn more about GoGuardian.