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Summer Assignments

Summer of 2023 Assignments

Honors PreCalculus

Please download the assignment page and accompanying worksheet.

AP Calculus AB Summer Assignment

AP Java

Please download and complete the document below to prepare for AP Java:

AP Chemistry Summer Enrichment via AP Classroom

It is important to review concepts learned in Honors Chemistry to have an understanding of concepts to be discussed in AP Chemistry. AP Chemistry is a challenging and rigorous course. Your success is dependent upon your daily participation in class; as well as, your investment of time and energy outside of class to comprehend the content for mastery. AP Chemistry is equivalent to a full-year college level course. It is imperative that students plan to spend focused independent study time devoted entirely to AP Chemistry, thus AP Chemistry is part of your daily routine. Goal is to comprehend, apply and retain the content for the AP Exam.
For those so inclined to be ready for AP Chemistry, after July 1, 2023, log into your college board account at If you do not have an account, you will need to make an account, remember to keep your username and password in a safe place, you will access this account numerous times.
You may review Unit #1 by watching all of the AP Daily Videos that are assigned. Additionally, you may review Unit #1 by completing all of the Topic Questions that are assigned. Finally, you may review Unit #1 by completing the Progress Checks that are assigned, MCQ (multiple choice question) and FRQ (free response question). On FRQ’s, one-word answers are not acceptable, always give a reason for your answer. Credit will be given for completion of Unit #1 AP Daily Videos, Unit #1 AP Topic Questions, and correctly answered Unit #1 AP Progress Checks (MCQ and FRQ). To earn credit, the previously mentioned AP Chemistry Classroom assignments must be completed and submitted prior to 7:00 am on Thursday, August 24, 2023 (the first day of school).

AP Physics C via AP Classroom

There is an AP Classroom set up for the Summer of 2023 for any student who might ant to review some important topics for the stare of the 2023-24 school year ahead. Watch each of the Daily Videos, then try the quiz questions assigned. You will see the quiz answers once you submit all your answers. Don't worry if you get some wrong - that's what class is for!
Below is the AP Classroom Join Code - go to and use the join code below. Good luck and see you in August! -Mr.c